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Orison IT Solutions LLC-San Antonio-Texas

I am a victim of OrisonIT. I searched for the company review before I paid money to this company for training. Some h...

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I recommend this travels to any one who wants professional service.

Orison IT Solutions LLC-San Antonio-Texas

Just a regular desi consultancy. Could not find a job after more than 6 months and I paid $800 for their training. Ma...

AIB Eyebrow Threading Salon-Grand Prairie-Texas

I went to AIB for the 2nd time and I love the service and excellent job the stylist did. The salon is really nice and...

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Sumathi Satakam

సుమతీ శతక కర్త - కవి బద్దెన అని అంటారు కాని ఎక్కడ నిర్ధారించి చెప్పడం జరగలేదు. బద్దెన - భద్ర భూపాలుడు అనే చోళ రాజకుమారుడు. 13 వ...

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